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Episode 19


Episode 19. 11/8/2018. Property Tax Relief

Matt Weiss
Shirley Selhub
Cornelia Andrus
Corbin Reidel
John Seay
Guests: Brookline Assessor's Department617-730-2060
 Karen Keaney, Assistant AssessorBrookline Assessor's Department617-730-2060
  Brookline Senior Center617-730-2770
Links: FY 2019 Property Database. November 8 announcement
 FY 2018 Condominium Sales Map Brookline Council on Aging
 FY 2018 Single and Multi-Family Sales Map

Tax Workoff Program:

  • Brookline Senior Center
  • Assessor's Office
  • Brookline Public Library
  • Community Planning
  • Brookline Adult and Community Education
  • Community Outreach at Putterham Library
  • Friends of Brookline Library
  • Brookline Public Schools


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