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MediaLead timeComment
1 dayMay take longer if John is unavailable.
1 dayMay take longer if Matt is unavailable.
18th of the month*Newsletters go out on the last day of the month.
6 weeksThere is no guarantee that it will be printed.
2 weeksUse rarely to avoid overloading readers.
12th of prior monthMonthly Senior Center print publication.

*Press for BrooklineCAN newsletter submission schedule:

Newsletter namePublication dateSubmission dateX
January Newsletter December 31 December 18
February Newsletter January 31 January 18
March Newsletter February 28 or 29 February 18
April Newsletter March 31 March 18
May Newsletter April 30 April 18
June Newsletter May 31 May 18
Summer Newsletter June 30 June 18
September Newsletter August 31 August 18
October Newsletter September 30 September 18
November Newsletter October 31 October 18
December Newsletter November 30 November 18

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Flyer Template:

To make sure BrooklineCAN gets credit for events we sponsor, and for consistent appearance, we suggest using this template as the starting point for all flyers. Click an image to download the template in Microsoft Word format or Publisher format.


Support Disclaimer: Inclusion of services on this website does not represent a recommendation from the Brookline Council on Aging, the Brookline Senior Center, or the Brookline Community Aging Network.

Disclaimer: Inclusion of services through this program does not represent a recommendation or guarantee of work performance from the Brookline Council on Aging, the Brookline Senior Center, or the Brookline Community Aging Network. The user of this program therefore agrees to release the above named from any and all liability. The user should make whatever investigation or other resources that they deem necessary or appropriate before hiring or engaging Service Providers.