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Bingeing on Netflix

After a nice long walk, we invite you to relax with a few episodes of one of the many great series on Netflix. Each month's show comes highly recommended by numerous BrooklineCAN members. You are invited to share your suggestions for future newsletters.

Here is the list from past newsletters. We cannot travel right now, so let's get away to France in these two movies! Or time travel to 1743 Scotland!

The African Doctor 2016. Happily escaping a dictator, a Congolese doctor transplants his family in a small French village in Brittany. Culture shock sets in for everyone! 1 hr, 33 min. (English subtitles)

10 Jours en Or 2012. When a carefree bachelor (a traveling salesman) is unexpectedly left in charge of a young boy, the two embark on a road trip that will change both of their lives. 1hr, 36 min. (English subtitles)

Outlander. Even if you don't usually like shows that involve time travel, this well-done series should be an exception. Claire is on a second honeymoon in post World War II Scotland when she goes out for a walk and comes upon a circle of large stones. She hears a buzzing sound, touches one of the stones and finds herself in 1743 Scotland. Three seasons, (42 episodes) Seasons 4-6 available on Starz. These two series take place in Berlin during vastly different times.

Unorthodox. This 4-episode series, set in the present, follows Esty as she leaves a New York Hasidim community and seeks a new life in Berlin. Be sure to watch the added feature about how the series was made.

Berlin Babylon. Now in its third season, this series is set in 1929. Detective Gereon Rath, newly assigned to the Berlin vice squad, came back from World War I with post-traumatic stress disorder and a morphine habit. He finds help from an aspiring cop, Charlotte Ritter, who works as a police typist (and sex worker after hours). (In German with subtitles).
Black Money Love 2014-2015
A Turkish series with 164 episodes, this addictive crime melodrama features beautiful people, misguided heroines, betrayal on a grand scale. Omer and Elif meet when his fiancee and her father are found together murdered. Great ensemble cast and many plot surprises.

Laughter is a great tension-reliever. Here is a link to suggestions for comedy shows you can stream Not all of these shows are on Netflix. From Ty Burr of the Boston Globe "On a related note, we may all be about to spend an inordinate amount of time at home, so we're fortunate, I guess, that video on-demand has advanced to the point where it feels like every movie ever made is there for the streaming." Remember you can view previous recommendation from this column at

"The Bonfire of Destiny" 2019
On a spring day in 1897 in Paris, socialites organize a grand charity bazaar, where a shocking tragedy unfolds. Satisfyingly complicated plot. 8 episodes "The Five"
Five children go out to play in the woods. Jesse, a boy of about 5, disappears and is never found. Twenty years later, police find the boy's DNA at a murder scene. The other four friends work together to find out, Is Jesse still alive? This 10-episode thriller will keep you enthralled, sometimes scared, through a series of false leads. (2016) "Unbelievable"
This series is very highly recommended by several BrooklineCAN members. The Boston Globe's Mathew Gilbert rates it as one of 2019's top ten. He wrote, "Based on a true story, this strongly acted eight-episode procedural miniseries takes us inside a justice system that utterly fails rape victims. It's about a series of rapes in Washington and Colorado, and the dynamic detectives - played by Merritt Wever and Toni Collette - who join forces to investigate them." "Unbelievable"
This series is very highly recommended by several BrooklineCAN members. The Boston Globe's Mathew Gilbert rates it as one of 2019's top ten. He wrote, "Based on a true story, this strongly acted eight-episode procedural miniseries takes us inside a justice system that utterly fails rape victims. It's about a series of rapes in Washington and Colorado, and the dynamic detectives - played by Merritt Wever and Toni Collette - who join forces to investigate them The Spy. (2019)
This is truly binge-worthy!! In the 1960s, Israeli clerk-turned-secret agent Eli Cohen goes deep undercover inside Syria on a perilous, years-long mission to spy for Mossad and infiltrates Syria's top leadership. Sacha Baron Cohen and Noah Emmerich star in this thriller inspired by true events.(6 episodes) Intersection Our recommendation for this month is another spell-binding Turkish series, "Intersection." Naz who is a pediatrician loses her baby during pregnancy. Even though her husband wants another baby, she refuses to go through the same thing all over again. She goes to Italy for a conference and meets Ali Nejat there. Thus begins a melodrama with great love, ruthless greed, and betrayal. 3 seasons, total of 31 episodes. In Turkish with subtitles. (2016) Cable Girls It's the 1920s and Spain has gotten its first national telephone company, located in Madrid. For four young women who get jobs there, its more than just work. It represents progress that is being made at the time as women are gaining more equality with men. This exciting, romantic drama series follows the ladies, known as "cable girls", who feel attached in different ways -- to their families, their partners, their memories, and to each other. Four seasons, 32 episodes. In Spanish with subtitles. (Be sure to begin with the first season) 2017-2019. This month we have two suggestions. "Charite at War" is a fact-based German series about how the staff of a hospital in Berlin experienced the last years of the war. Six episodes. 2019

"Planet Earth" is an 11-episode BBC series beautifully filmed and narrated by David Attenborough. A poignant reminder of what we might be losing. 2006. Also available on DVD through the Brookline Library

Two suggestions to get you through the summer!

Ladybird. A Turkish series based on a beloved, classic 1920's novel, this family saga will keep you watching "just one more...." 72 episodes.

Tales of the City. A sequel to Armistead Maupin's earlier tales of gay life in San Francisco, this is an almost x-rated series with fabulous acting. (Laura Linney, Ellen Page, Olympia Dukakis, Vincent Garber ) 10 episodes.

Jack Taylor
"Jack Taylor," an Irish crime drama, follows an alcoholic Irish cop (Taylor) who loses his job because of the drink and stumbles into work as a Private Investigator. Jack is a womanizer but the show has no misogyny, unlike some American shows. The plots for each episode are seriously action packed, fully fleshed out and varied. 2010 (9 episodes) Eugenie Nights
Set in post-war Port Said, this melodrama from Egypt portrays the love story of Kariman and Farid, both unhappily married. Fleeing her abusive husband who has kidnapped her infant daughter, Kariman finds help from Farid and other new friends who accept her untruthful explanations. Many rich subplots and well-developed characters. In Arabic with subtitles. 30 episodes. (2018) Grand Hotel
Here is a real binge-worthy series. "Grand Hotel" features lust, betrayals, evil characters you will love to hate, scheming villains, a twisting plot, and beautiful lovers, all in a sumptuous hotel in turn-of-the-20th-century Spain. In Spanish with subtitles, 66 (!) episodes.

February 2019

    This month's recommendation will keep you bingeing 'way past bedtime! After another terrorist attack in London, handsome, heroic Sgt. Budd is assigned to guard Home Secretary Julia Montague. Sparks fly! (6 episodes)

    January 2019

    The Kominsky Method
    Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin star as old friends in this series. An acting teacher/sometime actor and his longtime agent face the vicissitudes of old age with humor, bewilderment and love. 8 episodes.
    (Note: Dear reader, Amazon, Hulu, and other sources of bingeing are available. Should we sample some of those in this newsletter? Let us know

    December 2018

    This month we suggest "Wanted," an Australian series. While waiting at a bus stop, accountant Chelsea and cashier Lola (unacquainted) witness a criminal exchange gone wrong and are kidnapped by one of the perpetrators. Follow their exciting, complicated adventures as the two try to evade first their captors and then the law. Great scenery of Australia. Two seasons, 6 episodes each. Third season coming in December

    November 2018

    Mr. Sunshine
    (2018) An addictive Korean series that traces the saga of the resistance to the Japanese conquest of Chosen in the early 1900s. A love story forms the basis of this beautifully filmed drama that exposes the dynamics of international politics, personal histories, and cultural differences. In Korean with subtitles. 24 episodes.

    October 2018

    Forsaking London for the rustic landscapes of Wales, a police detective with a troubled soul finds himself in a place with disturbing secrets. 2015. In English but you'll need subtitles. Three seasons. Total of 21 episodes.

    September 2018

    is a Norwegian series based in the near future that seems eerily familiar. With a failing economy, the Norwegian prime minister signs an agreement with Russia that results in a gradual invasion. International political intrigue, resistance, and human passions abound! Two seasons, total of 18 episodes. English subtitles.

    Summer 2018

    Winter Sun
    Experience life in Turkey in this month's recommendation. Winter Sun offers a tale of family life, intrigue, mistaken identity, passion and an opportunity to observe everyday life among families from two different social classes. Addictive! English subtitles. Fifty (yes 50!) episodes.

    June 2018

    The Time In Between
    This is the story of a dressmaker, Sira, who flees the turmoil of Madrid prior to the Civil War to join her lover in Tangier, where inadvertently she becomes part of an espionage scheme. (2013, 17 episodes, Spanish with English subtitles.)