Brookline Community Aging Network


BrooklineCAN encourages businesses to offer functions and services that will make them more attractive to seniors. We will list businesses that sign up for this program on this web site.

Reasons to Join BrooklineCAN’s Age-Friendly Business Campaign

  • In 2010, Brookline had more than 10,000 residents who were 60+; they represented over 18% of the Town’s population.
  • Between 2010 and 2030, the 60+ population of Brookline is expected to increase by 41%.
  • Older people vary greatly in income and wealth; Brookline seniors include many employed or retired professionals who have substantial clout as consumers.
  • The older population includes many grandparents. Among them, some spend significantly to support grandchildren
  • Many economic benefits accrue to businesses and communities that recognize older people as customers, workers, and entrepreneurs.
  • Features that make businesses attractive to older people are often welcome by customers of all ages.
  • Over 2,000 older people and their families are engaged with BrooklineCAN. Publicity about our work reaches many more Brookline and area residents.
If you own a business in Brookline, and would like to participate in this program, you can download an application and checklist as a Word document or PDF.

Here is a copy of the checklist:

  • On your website, do you have a customer assistance phone number that is easy to find?
  • On your website, do you have contact information that is easy to find?
  • On your digital materials, do you have a large or an easy text-resize option on digital materials?
  • On print materials, do you use large fonts?
  • If you operate a restaurant, do you limit noise levels and background music to moderate or low levels at lunch and in the early evening?
  • Do you place products within reach on shelves?
  • Do you offer help to customers in reaching items?
  • Do you have a well-lit place where customers can sit and rest?
  • Do you train staff to assist customers with access and functional needs (e.g. reach shelved items, speak clearly, read labels/menus)?
  • Do you have drop-off or delivery service?
  • Do you offer shopping by phone or on-line shopping?
  • Please list any discount programs you have for seniors.
  • Describe other services that you offer that make your business attractive to seniors
  • Is there something you are particularly proud of in your offerings to seniors?