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Bingeing on Netflix

After a nice long walk, we invite you to relax with a few episodes of one of the many great series on Netflix. Each month's show comes highly recommended by numerous BrooklineCAN members. You are invited to share your suggestions for future newsletters.

Here is the list from past newsletters. Two suggestions to get you through the summer!

Ladybird. A Turkish series based on a beloved, classic 1920's novel, this family saga will keep you watching "just one more...." 72 episodes.

Tales of the City. A sequel to Armistead Maupin's earlier tales of gay life in San Francisco, this is an almost x-rated series with fabulous acting. (Laura Linney, Ellen Page, Olympia Dukakis, Vincent Garber ) 10 episodes.

Jack Taylor
"Jack Taylor," an Irish crime drama, follows an alcoholic Irish cop (Taylor) who loses his job because of the drink and stumbles into work as a Private Investigator. Jack is a womanizer but the show has no misogyny, unlike some American shows. The plots for each episode are seriously action packed, fully fleshed out and varied. 2010 (9 episodes)
Eugenie Nights
Set in post-war Port Said, this melodrama from Egypt portrays the love story of Kariman and Farid, both unhappily married. Fleeing her abusive husband who has kidnapped her infant daughter, Kariman finds help from Farid and other new friends who accept her untruthful explanations. Many rich subplots and well-developed characters. In Arabic with subtitles. 30 episodes. (2018)
Grand Hotel
Here is a real binge-worthy series. "Grand Hotel" features lust, betrayals, evil characters you will love to hate, scheming villains, a twisting plot, and beautiful lovers, all in a sumptuous hotel in turn-of-the-20th-century Spain. In Spanish with subtitles, 66 (!) episodes.

February 2019