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Caffe Nero Washington Square
Contact nameMatthew Larkham
Address1633 Beacon St.
Brookline, MA
Web site
IndustryFood Beverage Grocery
Cust asist phoneYesEasy to find contact infoYes
Text resizeYesLarge fontsYes
Low noiseYesProducts within reachYes
Reaching helpYesWell-lit resting placeYes
Staff trained to assistYesphone-online-deliveryDoes not apply
Adequate lightingYesClearly marked stairsYes
Inclines or dropsYesRampYes
Wide aislesYesEasily opened doorYes
Safety featuresadequate lighting, clearly marked stairs, inclines or drops, ramp, wide aisles, easily opened door
0. tblkey4
1. Statusactive
2. Business NameCaffe Nero Washington Square
3. date2018-04-19 03:24:34
4. Doing business as
5. Address11633 Beacon St.
6. Address2
7. CityBrookline
8. StateMA
9. zip
10. Contact First NameMatthew
11. Contact Last NameLarkham
12. Contact Title
13. Phone978-318-6454
14. Web site
16. IndustryFood Beverage Grocery
17. Other Industry Description
18. Cust asist phoneYes
19. Easy to find contact infoYes
20. Text resizeYes
21. Large fontsYes
22. Low noiseYes
23. Products within reachYes
24. Reaching helpYes
25. Well-lit resting placeYes
26. Staff trained to assistYes
27. phone-online-deliveryDoes not apply
28. Senior employment
29. Adequate lightingYes
30. Clearly marked stairsYes
31. Inclines or dropsYes
32. RampYes
33. Wide aislesYes
34. Easily opened doorYes
35. Safety featuresadequate lighting,clearly marked stairs,inclines or drops,ramp,wide aisles,easily opened door
36. discounts
37. Other services
38. Proud of
39. Assistance
40. Print document assistanceNo
41. Website assistanceNo
42. Staff training assistanceNo
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